Robin Chalas

Robin Chalas

VP Engineering

Core Team Member

Robin is a Software Architect is involved into the PHP & Symfony™ ecosystem for more than a decade. As a Symfony™ Core Team Member, he contributes to Symfony™ by fixing bugs and security issues as well as bringing new features to the Framework or some well-known OSS packages that he is maintaining on a daily basis such as LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle. He loves helping and sharing his knowledge to the community through providing support platforms such as StackOverflow, reviewing contributions or speaking at technical conferences.

Area of expertise


Open-source scripting language widely used for server-side web development.


Open-source PHP web application framework with a set of reusable components.

API Platform

Framework for building APIs with Symfony™, embracing JSON-LD and GraphQL.


Open-source platform halfway between application virtualization and automation, allowing to manipulate software containers